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High-tech and know-how for top performance!

Giebeler takes great pride in its modern machinery, which is the heart of our production facilities, with both complex moulds and sophisticated plastic parts being produced under one and the same roof.

Moulds weighing up to 10t are produced in our high-quality and cost-effective manufacturing process of plastic parts. Working with clamping forces of 30t to 850t, our injection moulding machines make precision parts capable of meeting exacting demands. Extra features and especially the high level of automation of our injection moulding machines guarantee perfect part quality and short production cycles.

In tool construction Giebeler is able to meet high demands in terms of surface finish and delivers design solutions of high technical complexity. Years of experience in engineering applications and in a wide and diverse range of processes, such as milling, erosion and gun drilling, etc., enable Giebeler to deliver an uncompromising quality all along the value added chain.

A sharper focus on first-class products

All the moulds and plastic parts which are produced are tested for conformity with performance and quality standards. Experienced engineers check for variance from the norm using high-specification equipment. All parts are subject to the most rigorous quality control checks throughout the production process. With its highly professional standards of technical expertise and specialist engineering, Giebeler has the technology to guarantee its customers absolute top quality products.

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